Top 6 Tips – Hiring the right person.

Jul 3, 2020 Blog Post

Whether you are hiring employees for a large or smaller organization the hiring process is the first and foremost factor you need to focus on. Here are our Top 6 Tips to look for when recruiting the right person. 

1.   Commitment to their career

Someone who is committed to their career is a candidate you should want to hire. You would like to hire an employee who is dedicated, loyal and focused on business they are in, not one that switches careers or jobs frequently, just to get a higher salary. We also believe that a candidate that has overcome hurdles and challenges within a business shows good spirit and staying power.

Always check the candidate’s previous job duration and references.

2.   Check compatibility

It’s imperative that you find an employee that will fit in with your company’s culture. Prepare questions that can help you determine if the candidate has social skills to get along with others, especially with current employees and managers.

Is the right person already within the business? Should an investment be made in that person’s development?

Remember, willingness is one of the primary things a candidate must possess to work with you.

3. Pay attention to the candidates’ questions

The candidate’s questions can often be very insightful. Have they researched your employee brand? Can they tell you what makes your culture unique? You may be able to discover when a candidate has a genuine, authentic desire to join your company. If their personal values align with your culture, everything else can be taught.

4. Look for candidates with heart

History can tell us that sometimes we interview for the wrong reasons — what candidates look like on paper instead of how they will fit into the company culture. Make sure that you understand what it is that is that you are searching for before you start the recruitment process. HR can be a terrific judge of character and help us look for candidates who not only have the ability to do the work but have a true heart for the company’s mission.

5. During this time it may be useful to utilise the phone Interview to pre-screen applicants.

Before you decide to meet your shortlist face to face, we advise that you conduct a phone interview or use video conferencing technology. During this discussion, you should flush out questions about duties, culture, salary expectations, their work history. Importantly this give you the opportunity to find out where you will need to devote more training time. We believe this exercise will save you valuable time, allowing you to narrow in on the one.

6. Keep improving your hiring process and use the past as a roadmap for the future.

No businesses should underestimate the value of hiring the right candidate.

Getting it right first time can save you money, time and can be a far less stressful.

It’s important to review your recruitment process every year, maybe every quarter. Are your adverts being placed on the right job boards? Have you nailed the job description? Does your Team and HR facility understand the importance to the business to have the right person in this position? Are you missing in house talent? Are you using an external recruitment partner? If so, do they have the right brief, are they specialist in your industry?

Make changes if they are needed, hiring the right person should be an enjoyable process.

Please let us know if you have found our Top 6 helpful. 

Written by Matthew Robinson.

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