Top 6 Video Interview Tips!

Jul 3, 2020 Blog Post

In recent months we have set about to help as many people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, this includes helping with CV and Interview Tips. We have received a lot of positive feedback on this and now we would like to share with you our Top Tips.

1- Set the scene

Make sure your environment is professional. Find quiet and undisturbed location. Try and choose somewhere with good lighting. Additional tip – Try wearing headphones to help hear clearly.

2- Control your environment

Inform everyone in your household that you will be on a video interview and that you should not be disturbed. Keep any cats, dogs, or any other animals out of sight for the duration of the interview. 

Additional tip – Turn your phone off or make sure it is on silent.

3- Wi-Fi ready?

It is important that your Wi-Fi does not fail you at this important time. Get a friend or family member to run through a mock video interview with you, to clearly make sure your Wi-Fi is reaching your chosen spot. Additional tip – turn off any non-essential technology using the internet.

4- Let’s get technical

If you are using a laptop or tablet make sure it’s fully charged on the day of the interview. Find a flat and stable surface to place your device. Additional tip – avoid using your smartphone.

5- Dress for success

Dress as you would for a face to face interview head to toe. Doing so will make you feel confident and professional. Additional tip – avoid wearing bright colours, they can be distracting.

6- Let it shine

It is important that you allow your personality to shine. Maintain eye contact. Keep good posture, sitting with your back straight. Speak clearly into the mic. Pause for one second after the interviewer has finished the question, this avoids speaking over one and other. Show enthusiasm, be engaging and smile.

Just as you would do at the end of any other interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity and reiterate your interest in the position.

Additional tip – have a note pad and pen ready to make notes as soon as the interview is over.

Thank you for reading. Good luck with your video interview and please let us know if you have found our Top Tips helpful.

Written by Matthew Robinson.

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