Coping With Redundancy

Aug 11, 2020 Blog Post

Unfortunately the outbreak of COVID-19 has placed huge financial issues onto businesses across the globe. Due to this, businesses have faced incredibly difficult decisions relating to staff. Here at SFR Recruitment Solutions we want to help. We may not be the answer to your next opportunity, however we can provide you with useful information and support during a challenging time. If you would like any further advice, or simply an informal chat please do not hesitate to contact a member of our lovely team, there is always a smiling face out there that’s willing to provide support.


First things first, let’s look after you. Your mental health and wellbeing is the most important. Take some time to digest everything, you may feel angry and upset. these feelings are perfectly normal. However, remember that being made redundant due to the pandemic shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Talk to friends and family, surround yourself with a supportive circle and take small steps.

The amazing mental health charity ‘mind’ has many brilliant resources in which will help you take small actions after being made redundant. Whether redundancy due to the pandemic was expected or not it can be a very anxious time, mind has put many resources together to support and guide. From managing your money to knowing your rights, mind has so much amazing information to support, check them out! 



Keeping yourself busy during a difficult time can be challenging. Perhaps you aren’t in the position yet to be finding another job, so do productive things to fill your day! From brain training puzzles, meditation to doing online courses to further your knowledge, there is so many positive activities in which you can be partaking in.

Here we have linked ‘The Skills Toolkit’, which is packed full of free online courses at different levels of difficulty and recognised as certified qualifications! Members of our team have even taken part in doing a few of these courses themselves to develop their skills, so it’s been tried and tested, we approve!



It’s important to stay active and look after yourself both physically as well as mentally. By partaking in gentle exercise, meditation or even walking can improve both your physical and mental health. Furthermore, have you checked out Headspace? Headspace offers so many different types of meditations to help with mental health and aiding a good night’s sleep. 

In the link below is a free version of Headspace, specifically designed for those that have been made redundant to support you! 



If you are in the position to be seeking for a new role, take some time to make a few updates. From making space on your desktop for a fresh start, to updating and engaging with your LinkedIn profile to present yourself as open for new and exciting opportunities.

Furthermore take time to update your CV and write up cover letters for roles in which you are interested in. We have produced many articles over on our blog page which can help! Check out our ’Top 6 Tips’ on writing up a CV, Cover Letter and even advice on how to nail Video Interviews!



We hope that this information has been a helpful, personal guide for you. If you would appreciate any further advice do not hesitate to contact our team. 


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