How to manage your mood during the Autumn & Winter months.

Sep 14, 2020 Blog Post
How to manage your mood during the Autumn and Winter Months

Autumn is here!

Now, the sun will begin to rise later and nightfall will arrive sooner.

As the seasons change and we find ourselves swapping out flip flips for scarves we can feel our mood starting to dull.

During the colder, darker months many experience Seasonal Affective Disorder – also known as SAD. However there are ways in which we can manage our mood during the colder months. Here are our top tips.

1- Go and seek out some sunshine!


This is easier said than done, however it’s incredibly important to get as much light as possible. Go outside, open all curtains and blinds and perhaps invest in a light therapy box which is aimed to tackle SAD symptoms. Even a simple walk in the park everyday can help boost your mood.

2- Go and socialise!


Many of us find that as the colder months draw in we find ourselves run down, tired and therefore less motivated to engage in social activities. However this can only lead to us feeling isolated. Therefore make plans with your friends and family! Talking to people always helps!

3- Keep to a balance diet!


I know this is quite difficult. Naturally during the colder months we desire those ‘comforting’ foods such as pasta, pizza, etc. However sticking to a high carb and sugar diet causes spikes in your blood sugar levels and the crash can impact more on your mood. So ensure to have a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and omega 3-rich food.

4- Try and exercise!


I know, I can sense your laughter! However keeping active really does boost your mood! From doing at home exercises, going to the gym or even a stroll in the park! Also – exercise will help for better nights sleep!  

5- Keep track of your habits and emotions!


Keep a diary of your habits and emotions during the colder months. By keeping track you can get an idea as to what habits have a positive or negative affect on your mood.

6- Declutter and organise your home!


Keep your home organised! This helps declutter your mind. Also, ensure that both your home and office is at a comfortable temperature.

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