How To Stay Productive During The Winter Months – An office discussion

Jan 21, 2020 Blog Post

Here at SFR Recruitment Solutions we were having a lunchtime discussion about the Winter, how it can make you feel and how some of us try and put things into place to combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Winter can be a hard time for many, we would rather hibernate until Spring like lots of animals do rather than get on with our everyday tasks. Unfortunately, this is something that we can’t do, so here’s some compiled tips from our team for you to be productive this Winter! 

1- Seek Out Some Sunshine!

Image of a field, with the sun shining

Yes, I know that during the winter months it’s hard to find any Sunshine during the day due to the typical bleak weather. However, when you do see a burst of sunshine during the day why not go and soak it up? Work in an office? Walk around the block or take a gentle stroll during your Lunch break. Sunshine lifts a person’s mood which encourages productivity! 

2- Make your home extra cosy and organised!

What makes for a productive day? An organised and cosy environment! Both your home and office should be at a comfortable temperature and be organised because the likelihood is that you’re going to be spending a lot more time in them over the next few months! Organising whilst also making a home and office feel cosy and comfortable helps declutter your mind!

3- Get reading!

Person reading a book

Many of us find that during the winter months we are all glued to our screens, binge watching our favourite Netflix series or watching Love Actually for the 200th time! Why not have some non-screen time? Find yourself a good book and enjoy abit of escapism from everyday life. From doing more reading you might learn something new, feel calmer and content with your thoughts or re-discover how much you enjoy the simple pleasure of reading! 

4-   Create a good mood playlist!

Combine some of yours, your friends, family and work colleagues favourite tunes into one amazing good mood playlist. A little bit of gentle music in the background of an office can really boost morale! Walking to work in the rain? Put on your good mood playlist to combat it! Good music is a simple mood booster during a bleak season. 

5-   Set yourself a few achievable goals! 

A person writing in a notepad

Write down a few goals which you think could be achieved over the next few months to keep yourself productive, the achievement will not only boost your mood but also keep you feeling productive both in work and home life.

6-   Exercise and eating well!

Exercise is key! Whilst many of us oppose from doing exercise in the winter and choose to eat comfort food and watch TV it’s still very important to keep active! Exercise is brilliant for the mind, body and will aid a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, even though the winter months tend to be popular for comfort food which is high in calories ensure that you try and eat a reasonably healthy diet with plenty of veg! A combination of a well-balanced diet and exercise will do wonders for your mind and body. 

7- Last but not least SOCIALISE! 

Two people on a walk together

Socialising is all part of productivity for both your work and home life. Talking to people can help you produce ideas and overall boost your mood. By staying in every evening on your own you can get lost in your own thoughts – So go and surround yourself with your favourite people!

We hope these tips have inspired you for a more productive Winter!


The SFR Recruitment Solutions Team

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