How to survive the work Christmas party!

Jan 21, 2020 Blog Post

It’s that time of year when the workforce is full of Christmas Party chatter, so here are some tips to help you survive the Office Christmas Party and wake up the next day with your job still in-tact!

1-   Drink Responsibly!

Yes, doing shots with your co-workers may seem as a brilliant idea at the time but drinking too much can only cause embarrassment for yourself and a sore head the next day. Therefore, I advise that you (yeah you) to pace yourself. Make sure you know how many drinks you’ve had and have the odd glass of water + If you don’t drink or can’t, just say so. There’s no need to worry what others think.

2-   Mingle!

I know the most comfortable thing to do is to stick to the people you know the best at the Christmas party, however, try and mingle with other colleagues that you may not usually converse with. This may help develop good working relationships and grant potential of striking unlikely friendships!

3-   Dress appropriately to the occasion!

Whilst you may be aiming to dress to impress, showing up to the Christmas party in a full suit, ballgown or clubbing entire may not always be entirely appropriate. Dress to the occasion and the location of the party. This will save embarrassment! Text your colleagues if your unsure. By dressing appropriately for the occasion, you will feel comfortable and confident!

4-   Don’t be a bore!

 Whilst it’s tempting and inevitable that you will talk about work whilst on a work Christmas Party try and refrain yourself from this being one of the main topics of conversations. The work Christmas party is a brilliant time to learn about your colleagues outside their responsibilities at work and also express yourself. Be fun! Show your personality (without being irritating) and as point 2 states- GET TO KNOW PEOPLE! At the end of the evening it’s best to be known as someone that is fun and nice to chat to rather than bore that just talked about work and sat in the corner.

5-   Take Care of yourself and others!

Make sure you and your colleagues get home safe! Look out for each other!

6-   Help out your co-workers!

Notice one of your colleagues is getting a bit worse for wear? Grab them some water, fetch them some food or call them a taxi. Help your colleagues not embarrass themselves by bailing them out. The gesture will go appreciated!

7-   Refrain from office gossip!

Don’t be a gossip, whilst it may be exciting that “Mary from HR and Dave from Accounts are apparently a thing”, you don’t want to be known as a gossip, it comes across as unpleasant and untrustworthy. Remember that you work with these people every day so try not to upset anyone!

8-   Don’t announce your undying love for one of your colleagues!

Ask yourself whether hitting on Jean from Accounts is really appropriate, will you regret it the next day? Remember you have to see this person every day! + use your common sense, you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Likewise, if you’re the person getting hit on and feeling uncomfortable ensure to be tactful, polite but firm.

9-   Don’t call in sick!

Whatever you do- DO NOT CALL IN SICK! If your office Christmas party on a ‘school night’ make sure you don’t call in sick the next day. Get up, have a decent breakfast and get on with your day. Everyone is in the same boat!


Finally – have fun! Have fun at the party! Don’t feel nervous about it and try not to miss it! This is a perfect time to get to know other colleagues and build relationships outside of work hours. Having healthy working relationships with your colleagues makes everyday working life far more enjoyable!

So, go and have fun, enjoy a brilliant work Christmas party and look after your sore head the next day!

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