Office items that our team just can’t live without!

Jan 21, 2020 Blog Post

Hey there everyone,

How’s your January going?

Let me guess,

You’ve already caved on your month-long promise of cutting out chocolate and only been to the gym once since signing up? Really was the extra fee so you could use the spa necessary? – also take the Christmas decs down in the office (you know who you are)

It’s still dark and cold outside, however we’re in a brand-new year! A new year brings potential exciting opportunities and changes. Going back to work maybe you’ve made the decision to change around your desk? Be more organised and efficient! With that we present to you 2 favourite items that we just can’t live without on our office desk – minus a computer and multitude of free pens!

Connor – Recruitment Consultant

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Our recruitment consultant Connor has a very tidy desk most of the time. Multiple post it notes and scrunched up pieces of paper are never to be seen! However, a very well organised whiteboard with day today tasks and a fancy glass water bottle are two never changing features, without them we’re not entirely sure how he would function. Furthermore, Connor’s favourite non chewable metal pen (you should see some of the others) is always on his person ready to take notes.

Beth – Media Executive

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Beth the media executive has quite the vibrant desk. On counting there is 7 pink items on it (ranging from a coffee cup, pencil case to notepads). Presenting her creative side Beth has decorated the desk with two fake plants and two desk organisers. Why this is necessary, we don’t know – but at least her desk is organised! A calendar counting down the weeks until her partner returns home (yet to discover if he’s real) and marketing organiser is two of Beth’s prized possessions.

Jamie – Director

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Our Director Jamie has a chaotic desk, just like our Media Executive’s. Pieces of paper engulf the desk, yet he never loses anything! Highlighters and Tipp-ex appear to be common items which Jamie doesn’t live without (there’s a mouse Tipp-ex which he particularly likes), alongside a sweet photo of his family and a coffee cup which is regularly refilled. 

Matthew – Director

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Where do we start with Matthew’s desk? All I can say is that it looks like an image from Pinterest. Everything on the desk is placed evenly, all variations of monochrome with a plant to add a pop of colour. The organisation of this is minimalist to a new level! The most important items on Matthew’s desk is his air pods (we question as to whether he may sleep wearing them) and his 2020 Diary. 

So there you have it, 2 office items that we each can’t live without! All we need now is a office dog!

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