Top 6 CV Tips!

Jul 3, 2020 Blog Post

In recent months we’ve set about to help as many people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak with helping them with their CV. We have received a lot of positive feedback on this and now we would like to share our top tips.

1- KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL, use an appropriate email and full postal address.

2- PRESENTATION IS KEY, keep to a single theme/layout – ensure your font and text size is consistent. Do not over complicate your formatting – keep text boxes and columns to a minimum. Use bite-size chunks of information, easier to read.

3- LETS GET SPECIFIC, Highlight duties, key achievements and performance figures. Don’t make it hard for a potential employer to find this key information.

4- KEEP IT RELEVENT, when listing your career history, start with your most recent role and work in chronological order. Additional Tip – Don’t leave a comment at the end of each role describing why you left this position.

5- ALWAYS GET PERMISSION, make sure references given have been agreed to by your former employer. Remember you want this person to be called or email and asked to give a reference.

6- IT MUST BE UP TO DATE, It is imperative that all of your information is up-to-date throughout your CV.

Get in touch if you would like additional help with your CV! ?

P.s The car in the picture above is the Citroen CV. Hold your hands up if you didn’t get it.

Written by Matthew Robinson.

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