Our Top 5 reasons to be cheerful about the arrival of Autumn!

Oct 12, 2020 Blog Post

Hint: It’s not all about the cosy jumpers and hot drinks ?



This season brings colour! Amazing for those that love a bit of photography or simply enjoy the outdoors. Those warm toned colours contrasted with the usually cooler weather gives us a cosy feeling whether we’re cutting about outside in our coats or sat by the window in the comfort of our homes.

2- Dressing for the weather is slightly easier


Let’s face it, during British summer time it’s difficult to know whether we should be going out in a jacket or not. OR constantly having an umbrella by our side in case of a typical sudden downpour. However, Autumn usually guarantee’s slightly colder weather which means LAYERS! Putting on layers of clothes is great because it means you can take one layer off if you get too warm AND when in doubt just chuck on a jumper!

3- FOOD!


Now we’re not saying indulging in comfort food all the time is the best option, however the occasional treat is great! Autumn is actually the time where a lot of brilliant vegetables which we can incorporate into more seasonal meals are widely available! Get some inspo by checking out these healthy meals inspired by the comfort meals that we love!

4- Cosy nights in!


I suppose we’ve had many of these this year, however with the cold weather slowly creeping upon us we’re forced to stay warm in the comfort of our own home. However, we can make the most of this, whether that’s getting cosy under a blanket and reading a book or watching a tv series! Light a pumpkin spiced candle and get cosy!

5- It’s not long until the holidays are upon us!


The holidays may be slightly different for many of us this year, however we can make the most of a difficult situation. Whether you’re preparing to celebrate Christmas, or just happy to have a little time off, the holidays are something to look forward to so we can indulge in those long-forgotten hobbies from lockdown… Now where did I put that watercolour kit?

And that’s it! We hope this made you smile, or at least amused you slightly!

Stay safe, stay warm and look after each other!

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