Why Companies are Increasingly Seeking ‘Attitude and Character’ when Recruiting

May 14, 2021 Blog Post

We’ve observed lately a significant change in the way companies are undertaking candidate selection during the recruitment process.  We’ve seen an obvious shift in the attributes our clients are seeking when recruiting for new roles, and we wondered whether the pandemic is partially responsible for driving this change in approach when it comes to candidate selection. 

Employers are seeking certain ‘attitudes and characteristics’ to best fit their roles, not just the usual ‘quick-fix’ method (for example someone who has done the exact same job title previously).  Perhaps employers are looking for an injection (no Covid-19 pun intended) of fresh talent and new enthusiasm as an antidote to general post-pandemic ‘return to work’ blues. 

The Definition of Attitude and Character

Attitude.  There are many different attitudes that candidate can process, but what are the most important attitudes to look for? Small Business Chronical defines the top 5 important attitudes as:

  1. Respect for Others
  2. Infectious Enthusiasm About Life
  3. Commitment to the job
  4. Innovative ideas and finding new ways
  5. Helpfulness with others

Character. There are so many characteristics or ‘soft skills’ that a candidate can process.  According to Indeed, these are the top 14 employers are looking for right now

  1. Communication skills
  2. Honesty
  3. Loyalty
  4. Dependability
  5. Teamwork
  6. Flexibility
  7. Self-reliance
  8. Eagerness to learn
  9. Confidence
  10. Work ethic
  11. Determination
  12. Problem-solving skills
  13. Positivity
  14. Ambition

Why are Attitude and Character so Important Right Now?

The pandemic has caused employees to react in different ways perhaps resulting in employers re-evaluating their workforce, it has also fast-tracked digitalisation and caused a demand for new roles. Furlough has brought about change and caused some employees to rethink their careers, explore other opportunities and update their skills, for others it has demotivated them and caused resentment towards their employer and/or a general disinterest in work generally.

During times when attitude to work feels a bit deflated – keenness, a positive attitude towards work, enthusiasm and ‘fire in their belly’ are seen as a clear advantage.  See our blog 12 Months on from the Pandemic which discusses how employers are embracing change and hiring accordingly.

Quick Fix or Fresh?

The dilemma most companies face is should they recruit an experienced person? Someone who demonstrates solid experience, has done a similar role and holds the necessary qualifications – they can ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak, which has its advantages.

Or, do they recruit someone ‘fresh’? When we say ‘fresh’ we do not necessarily mean young, a university leaver or someone new to the sector. Fresh meaning that they may already work in the sector and really like it, however they are ambitious and keen to advance their career or switch role. 

It often boils down to what knowledge or talent a company feels it is lacking and needs to buy-in at the time of recruitment.

Here are some examples:

What is Driving this New Way of Recruiting?

Employers are thinking about the long-term, new skills and adaptability. A typical ‘quick fix’ placement may stay with the company approximately 12 months to 3 years, then move on to another competitor, or prove to be valuable and loyal employee staying for many years. It all depends on what the employer’s strategy is to recruit based on ‘experience’ or ‘freshness’, whether they need quick-fix, or if they’re willing to train and develop.  It’s about getting the right balance in the team of solid experience and knowledge, and also some fresh talent.

We’re seeing a trend of clients not wanting to recruit a like-for-like job role replacement poached straight from a competitor, but they are looking to adopt a different approach for certain roles. Recruiting someone without experience of a job role should not be considered lightly, as exemplary enthusiasm will only get the candidate so far. Employers need to have in place a support structure for the new recruit including a personal development plan to help them succeed. 

The Search for Gold Dust

At SFR Recruitment Solutions we’ve noticed a remarkable change in recruitment briefs seen of late.  Clients are asking us to look for ambitious and energetic candidates, someone with demonstrable keenness to grow and develop, someone who is really looking to make their mark and excel within their company.

Finding ‘fresh’ candidates with ‘fire in their bellies’ who have the desired attitude, characteristics and will surely complement the company’s culture and values is like searching for gold dust. It is not something that is easily found just by looking at CVs and, that is why, companies are reaching out to recruitment partners for help. 

Ensuring Recruitment Success

The benefit of using a recruitment partner like SFR is that we get to know candidates on a professional and personal level.  They tell us more than what is in their CV. By talking to them we find out what their ambitions are, what type of person they really are, the type of companies they really want to work with – what ultimately makes them tick. 

We considerably reduce the search time for our clients by finding them excellent candidates to interview. At SFR as well as really knowing our sector, we also work closely with our clients, listening to them and taking down a precise brief.  Our clients have the advantage through using us that they can interview 2-3 exceptional candidates and not waste their valuable time on doing all the legwork required in finding them and interviewing unsuitable candidates.  At SFR we don’t hard sell our registered candidates because it’s easy for us, we work hard to find the perfect candidate, after all, it’s what we’re employed to do and best at.  Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, career advancer or role switcher we can help you find them.  Likewise, if you think you may have the right attitude and character for one of our current roles – see our vacancies here – get in-touch.

Here at SFR Recruitment Solutions, we’re employment specialists for the Architectural Ironmongery, Doors, Access Control and Window & Door Hardware industries. 

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