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Sep 24, 2019 Blog Post, Day's Out

100% design-An office day away!

Beth Wilshaw-Rhead, Media Executive of SFR Recruitment Solutions.

Armed with four coffee’s and sandwiches, our team was ready for a long but exciting day ahead attending the 100% design show, in London Olympia. Intriguing right? For those that are unsure the 100% design event is ‘the largest and longest-running design trade event for industry professionals in the UK (100% design, 2019).’ Every set owned by a diverse range of brands and companies, were carefully designed to present themselves in the most eye-catching way possible, to assist successful networking and show off some of their products.

100% design show, London Olympia, 18/09/2019

Enchanted by many of the design sets at the 100% design, as a team, overall we found the event to be compelling and thought-provoking! For us as a specialist company it is important to meet our clients face to face which, was greatly achieved at the event. The day entailed engaging with clients and looking at some very interesting products. This was an enjoyable process for the team of SFR Recruitment Solutions! Ending the day with a trip to M&M World in Leicester square and a stroll to our train ready for the long journey back, we each reflected on our experience at the event..

100% design show, London Olympia, 18/09/2019

What was my experience at the 100% design show?Beth Wilshaw-Rhead, Media Executive.

“It was my first time attending the 100% design show so I had very little knowledge or expectations of the event. I was happily surprised with the vibrant rainbow carpet and enchanting designs, from power showers to professional hardware and even a DJ! Documenting the event and our team’s experience throughout the day on all our different social media platforms was fun and gave our followers an insight of our day out of the office. Being from a art and design background I found the event to be incredibly captivating and vibrant and my overall experience at the 100% design show was enjoyable, motivating and inspirational.”

Beth’s 100% design show mirror selfie + DJ design

What was my experience at the 100% design show?Matthew Robinson, Director.

“100% design was a fantastic day for the SFR Recruitment Solutions team. The true benefit to visiting expo’s is for our ourselves and clients to meet face to face. Its also clear to see the importance businesses place on recruiting the right people and also the clear passion for the business and products.”

Matt examining the event guide + an intricately textured handle

What was my experience at the 100% design show?Jamie Smith, Director.

“Had an amazing day at the 100% Design expedition! From all aspects ranging from high end bathroom suites, quality retro and designed furniture and associated architectural ironmongery. A great change to meet face to face with existing client’s and meet and greet with new potential clients. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! See you hopefully next year 2020 Keep up the good work guys….”

Polished mirrored handles + Jamie, Matt and Beth

What was my experience at the 100% design show?Connor Delbridge- Card, Recruitment Consultant.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event, it was a great opportunity to meet with people, get hands on with products and check out the wider market of interior design. Overall it was a brilliant day and there are some exciting new products coming to the market!”

100% Design food and drink bar + Connor conversing

Our team at SFR Recruitment Solutions had a brilliant day at the 100% design show! Can’t wait to come back next year in 2020!

M&M World, Connor and his new client!

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